Program - Schedule

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Thursday, June 12, 2014
8:15 Registration / Sign In / Continental Breakfast and Coffee
Note: Posters will be available all day
Chair: Prof. Sunney Xie and Dan Fu
9:30 Welcome by Prof. Sunney Xie and Andrew Whitley
9:45 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Fran Adar (HORIBA Scientific, Edison, NJ) - Raman spectroscopy developments and applications - Past, Present and Future
10:20 Prof. Ping-Heng Tan (Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China) - Ultra-low-frequency Raman Modes in Two-dimensional Layered Materials
10:55 Coffee
11:30 Dr. Michael J. Pelletier (Pfizer Global Research & Development) - Pharmaceutical Polymorph Discrimination using Low-Wavenumber Raman Spectroscopy
12:05 Prof. Lukas Novotny(ETH Zürich) - Near-field Raman Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotube
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Prof. Christian Pellerin (University of Montreal, Canada) - Raman Spectroscopy of Individual Electrospun Fibers
14:35 Dr Neil Everall (Intertek-MSG) - Industrial Problem Solving with Raman Spectroscopy
15:10 Coffee
15:45 Dr. The-Quyen Nguyen (Northwestern University) - Raman spectroscopy goes out helping patients in operating room.
16:20 Prof. Igor K Lednev (University at Albany, SUNY ) - Supremacy and Variety of Vibrational Spectroscopy for Probing Amyloid Fibrils: from UV Raman to VCD and TERS.
16:55 End of Day 1 of RamanFest Symposium
18:30 Gala Evening Dinner at the Sheraton Commander Hotel
Guest Speaker: Professor Mildred Dresselhaus (MIT) - My Forty-Year Adventure with Raman Spectroscopy, and the Future

Note: Posters will be available all day
Friday June 13, 2014
8:15 Continental Breakfast and Coffee
9:15 Prof. Sanford A. Asher (University of Pittsburgh) - UV Raman Studies of Protein and Peptide Structure and Folding Studies
9:50 Prof. Igor Chourpa (University of Tours) - SERS and Fluorescence as Analytical Tools to Study Theranostic Nanosystems
10:25 Prof. Ji-Xin Cheng (Purdue University) - Microsecond time scale spectroscopic imaging for in vivo molecular analysis
11:00 Coffee
11:35 Prof. Paul Champion (Northeastern University) - Coherent Low-frequency Vibrational Motion in Proteins and Biomolecules
12:10 Prof. Lawrence D. Ziegler (Boston University) - In Vitro Cellular Activity Probed by SERS: Applications for Diagnostics and Forensics
12:45 BBQ Lunch
14:15 Prof. Wei Min (Columbia University) - Bioorthogonal Nonlinear Vibrational Imaging
14:50 Prof. Sunney Xie (Harvard University) - Label Free Vibrational Imaging for Medicine
15:25 Round Table and Concluding Remarks
16:00 End of the Symposium
Visit to Harvard - Prof. Sunney Xie laboratories